Sweetpea the Bunny
Sweetpea the Bunny

Sweetpea the Bunny

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Name: Sweetpea 
Type: Bunny
Colour: Smokey Blue 
Eats: Strawberry Cupcakes 
Drinks: Carrot Juice 
Likes: Cuddles
Dislikes: Figs

Posy has an exclusive collection of small pets available for adoption. Usually found hidden away in a pocket, listening to whispered secrets or cuddled on a rainy day. These little furry pets are available for adoption to extra special homes.

Sweetpea the bunny is entirely handmade from 100% natural wool with local merino wool coating and black acrylic safety eyes. Sweetpea has been needle felted and is just the right size to sit in the palm of your hand. 

Posy's Pets have been exclusively handmade by talented needle felt artist Isa at Tante Dilet from Berlin, Germany. We have worked closely with Isa to create little wooly pets that are charismatic, unique and adorable. We use only ethically sourced cruelty free wool, which is 100% non-toxic and natural. 

natural, organic and safe 

Please note that Posy's Pets are handmade using natural materials, therefore they may differ slightly with little perfect imperfections that only add to their character. Beautiful wool fuzz and needle felt shading make each piece unique. With heavy handling overtime the pets may become more fuzzy, we see this as an addition to their personality, but please be aware of this when handling. Adult supervision is always advised when enjoying our toys.

Materials: Merino wool felt and acrylic bead eyes
Measurements: +/- 12cm