Our Story

Bubble & Posy came to life in a leather back journal. Scribbled words and sketches that expressed ideas of opening a concept store focused on children's toys and collectables. Sourcing the best natural and slowly made products on the market, other small businesses (people like us) and personal favourites.

Inspiration for Bubble & Posy is all around us, from fairytales to children's books, playgrounds, forests, farmland, the night sky and our own childhood memories.

In a complicated modern world, our intention is to invite you and your tribe to our wonderland of toys, games and make believe. Where poppies grow wild, mice wear little clothes and magic exists.  

Our toys are minimally manufactured, handcrafted and made with love. Each one is unique, either by the grain of wood or handmade charm it is created with. We hope to have the pleasure of providing limited editions and rare bespoke products too.  

Our passion and care for the environment runs deep within our ethos and we make sure to do our part in protecting our precious world. From the toys to our packaging, we avoid harmful materials and ensure we stock eco friendly materials that are sustainable and ethically made slowly, so our range is safe for our children and doesn't cost the earth.  



Our Philosophy 

Bubble & Posy is a small family run online concept store, focused on authentic quality children's toy brands, handmade with natural materials. Located within the lush green rolling hills of the English countryside, where nature and wildlife are an inspiration. We aim to emphasise the use of sustainable organic materials, pieces made with beautiful innate imperfections, that embrace authenticity and hold the unique charm that handmade products possess. Uneven wood grains, crumpled stitching on linen, natural shapes and inherently flawed pieces are our favourite. We want to celebrate authenticity, keep it real and essentially down to earth. Honouring our children's bedrooms and the toys they play with.