The Adventures of Bubble and Posy: Chapter 1

Once upon a time, two little bunnies were having a tea party in a field full of poppies. Allow me to introduce, Bubble and Posy.

Their world is bright and innocent. Their days are full of whimsical adventures on their unicorns and at night they fly on spaceships, then sing to the moon.

They live in a cottage deep in a magical forest with their many brothers and sisters. At home, Bubble likes to play hide and seek, whilst Posy bakes chocolate pinecones and cinnamon swirls, which they all enjoy with a glass or two of warm honey milk.

On this particular day, a big rainbow appeared in the sky. 

"What's that Posy?" Bubble pointed up at the gleaming colours in awe.
"That is a magical road to the fluffy white bouncy clouds" She said. "It loops around and comes back down, so that the unicorns and angels can find their way home."

Then they finished their tea and every last carrot cake crumb on their plates. 
"Let's go take a closer look!" Posy took Bubble's paw and they hopped closer to the magical rainbow. 

Up close they could see it was glittery, it smelt like strawberries and cream, and it felt soft like jelly.  
"Let's go up to the fluffy white bouncy clouds!" Bubble was overwhelmed with excitement.

"Only for a little while! I need to bake a fresh batch of swirls at home before the sun sets!" Posy said with a sigh. She shrugged her shoulders and took a couple of hops up the rainbow. They both squealed as their paws hopped gently up the glittering colours and as they dived into the fluffy clouds.

The clouds felt like soft cotton wool but they were as bouncy as a trampoline. Bubble bounced so high, he could see the land stretch on for miles below. 
"I can see our cottage! Look there, in The Magical Forest!" He pointed at a little dot of wood and stone in the distance amongst thousands of trees, all different shapes and sizes, and all different shades of green. You could just make out a tiny chimney poking out the top of the tree tops too. 

"The Chimney is smoking, Mama has the log fire on! Quick let's go back so I can prepare some special treats!" Posy skipped back down the rainbow. 

"Woops!" Bubble came after her, but he slipped. He landed on his cotton tail and started sliding down the rainbow. "Weeee! This is so fun!" He squeaked. It was the biggest slide he'd ever been on, and it was much better than the one at the playground. 

"I'm going to slide down here too!" Said Posy, as she popped her cotton tail down and pushed off. 

*CRASH!* with a shimmer of gold and a chiming crash, Bubble and Posy landed in two buckets of golden chocolate buttons. 

"Wow! They're so beautiful! Let's take a bag of them home to share with everyone! Leave the rest for someone else to find!" Bubble said as he grabbed a paw full of golden buttons. 

"That's a great idea!" Said Posy, handing him their satchel. 

Bubble and Posy hopped home, through the deep depths of the Magical Forest and told all their friends and family about their adventure on the rainbow. Then they shared out the golden buttons. Well, they kept two to enjoy themselves, of course!